NCB offers a wide range of card services to help you bank in the way you like and at your convenience. Choose one card or a combination of cards to simplify your life and your banking.

Card Services

NCB Card Services issued Jamaica's first and only local credit card - Keycard, in April 1981. Keycard, our flagship card, accounts for over 30% of merchant sales and has become "the way to pay in J.A."

Understanding your Online Statement

Your online credit card statement details provide ongoing information on your credit card usage and balance. Here are some things you need to know: 

Your Midas card is the gateway to our electronic banking services.  With your Midas card you can make purchases, buy credit for your cell phone, withdraw money, transfer funds, pay bills and so much more.  Your card allows you access to telephone banking, internet banking services, pay for purchases at point of sale machines and the network of NCB automated banking machines (ABM).

Keycard Cash offers you flexibility with your spending, load cash onto the card and use it just as you would a debit or credit card.  Plus you get 1% cash back for all purchase made using the card.

Enjoy freedom, flexibility, convenience and added security with NCB's local and international credit cards.  Choose from a range of local cards, including Jamaica's only truly local credit card, the Keycard.  Our international cards offer you wide acceptance in Jamaica and throughout the world, so you can shop online, eat out or travel with confidence, knowing that your NCB credit card is there for you.  For your convenience, NCB also offers you the ability to apply online.