Credit Bureau

Under the Credit Reporting Act 2010, entities have been granted licenses to establish credit bureaus, in Jamaica, to offer credit bureau services and provide credit information to lenders. NCB recently signed contracts with two entities – Credit Info Jamaica and CRIF NM Credit Assure Limited.


Our partnership with the bureaus will be fundamental in helping us to further enhance your experience with us through enabling reduced processing time for credit applications.
Additionally, with the information from the credit bureaus, we are better able to accurately assess your credit worthiness.


What am I required to do?

Your consent is needed for us to access your information from a credit bureau. To give us this consent, simply complete the Consent Form which serves as your approval for us to access your credit information from a credit bureau and is a requirement for compliance with the Credit Reporting Act 2010.
To assist you in further understanding the Credit Bureau initiative, please see the documents below:

FAQs NCB partners with Credit Bureaus ( pdf, 97 KB )