Internet Banking


With NCB Internet Banking Services, you will experience the ease and convenience of banking anytime and from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available. You get:


NCB e-Financial Services helps make banking more convenient because you can bank on your time:

  • See your entire relationship wit the NCB Group
  • See account and credit card information when you need it.  You have 24-hour access to a clear accurate picture of your finances

NCB e-Financial Services gives you a higher degree of control over your money:

  • Access your financial information at any time.
  • Deliver instructions to the Bank from the comfort of your home, office or even when travelling overseas.
  • Keep track of your finances in a timely manner
  • Schedule transfer for a future date
  • Download you transactions to a spreadsheet format to import to other financial packages.

NCB e-Financial Services can make your life easier. You can:

  • Choose when you want to do your banking
  • Transfer funds between accounts without having to visit the ATM or branch.
  • No waiting in line to pay your bills or  make a request from your branch

NCB e-Financial Services provide a safe environment for handling electronic transactions.  You will:

  • Experience controlled user access with personal user IDs and passwords
  • Have your data/information encrypted during transaction using the highest level security encryption commercially available.

Complex transactions are now made easy and more efficient with NCB Funds Direct. This offers your business the flexibility of transferring funds electronically.

  • Transfer funds between NCB accounts or to other commercial bank
  • Generate reports without additional data entry
  • FUNDS DIRECT is included in the e-link service package and is also available separately.
Payroll Services

Our efficient payroll services make it easy and efficient to pay your staff with just the click of a button.  No need to give staff time off to negotiate their cheque.  With NCB e-Link the funds are credited directly to their account within 2 hours.  If the funds are being transferred from another bank using Funds Direct it is credited the following day.