Business Credit Cards


NCB KeycardBiz

Use your NCB KeycardBiz to pay suppliers, customs duties and utility bills. 
Keycard Biz allows you to have one operating account with individual cards and you can determine spending limits for each card. 

  • Earn cash a rebate on every purchase, cash back to benefit your business!
  • No more long lines or time spent going to and from government departments. Just log on to our website and use your NCB KeycardBiz to pay your customs duties, government taxes, and utility bills via NCB Business eLink.
  • Your NCB KeycardBiz is accepted at over 9000 merchants island-wide.


 NCB Visa Business

Making payments to international suppliers and other merchants is now hassle-free with the NCB Visa Business card. In addition, it gives you the benefit of managing your financing with detailed expense statements, preset employee spending limits and the security of being able to access emergency cash. 

  • Accepted at over 29 million locations worldwide
  • Minimum credit limit of US$3000
  • Free travel and auto rental insurance coverage