Completion of Security Upgrade this weekend 11 February 2017

The implementation of security tokens on our Retail Internet Banking platform (NCB Online) will be completed this weekend between Saturday, February 11 at 8pm to Sunday, February 12 at 4am. During this period, NCB Online and NCB Business Online will be inaccessible.

No other channel will be affected.

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NCB seeks to inspire women through film 06 February 2017

At a time when gender-based violence against women and children has emerged as a concern in local media, the NCB Foundation (NCBF) has set out to empower women and girls through a screening of the movie “Hidden Figures” inviting women only.

The critically acclaimed and box office smash hit, “Hidden Figures” uncovers the story of a group of three African-American female professionals whose contribution to historic work at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), until now, was virtually unknown. Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were the brains behind the launch of a male astronaut, John Glenn, into orbit. Despite racial strife and segregation, among other challenges, the women defied gender and racial lines to inspire generations of men and women. Their work single-handedly turned around the ‘Space Race’ between the United States and the then Soviet Union (USSR), now Russia. 

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Online System Upgrade this weekend 02 February 2017

We wish to advise that an upgrade exercise will be conducted for the implementation of security tokens on our Retail Internet Banking platform (NCB Online). This activity is scheduled for Saturday, February 4 at 6pm to Sunday, February 5 at 4am. During this period, access to NCB Online may be impacted.

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Security Tokens roll-out for Online customers 01 February 2017

With the growing threat of cyber-crimes globally, businesses across several industries have increased their investments in security technology to protect their customers and their business operations.

Within this context, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB), as part of its strategy to enhance the security of its online platform to protect customers from fraud, internet scams and other cyber threats, recently introduced the RSA SecurID token (security tokens) to its business customers. RSA SecurID is a globally recognised security tool utilised by many banks to protect confidential customer information and assets.

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NCBIC makes its services more convenient 23 January 2017

NCB Insurance Company Limited (NCBIC) customers islandwide can now make insurance requests via email and fax, eliminating the need to visit branches.

Earlier last month, NCBIC began accepting submission of requests via electronic platforms, allowing customers to conduct business remotely, while enjoying the same processing times. Under this new allowance, customers across its growing network, who sign up for the service, will be able to make several requests including withdrawals or partial surrenders, make  balance inquiries, check premium frequency, as well as make changes to mailing address on record. Each request is confirmed before processing via a verification call to the policy owner.

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NCB pilots ‘Loan at ABM’ solution 06 January 2017

Building on its legacy of innovation, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) recently launched the pilot of its Loan at ABM solution. It is a first not only in Jamaica but also the English-speaking Caribbean.

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Customers Can Now Open Accounts Online 06 January 2017

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) recently introduced a new digital solution which allows its existing customers to open new savings and current accounts online without visiting a branch. The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) approved upgrade, which represents a first for the local banking and finance industry, offers added convenience while improving customer satisfaction.

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NCB Hosts Annual General Meeting 31 December 2016

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited is scheduled to have its Annual General Meeting on Friday, January 27, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. at the Jamaica Conference Centre, 14-20 Port Royal Street, Kingston.  At this meeting approval will be sought for a Scheme of Arrangement.

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Temporary Relocation of Portmore Branch 30 November 2016

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) will be temporarily relocating the operations of its Portmore, St. Catherine branch to a new location on December 12, within close proximity of its current location.

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Greater online security for NCB customers 31 October 2016

Customers of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) will enjoy greater security when using internet banking, as the bank has further invested to enhance the facility for their safety, through the introduction of a new technology. This solution will help protect customers from fraud losses, theft and intrusion from cyber criminals.

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BOJ Approves Non-Operating Financial Holding Company 25 October 2016

In a release on August 4, 2016, we advised of the intentions of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCBJ) to pursue a corporate restructuring activity under which NCB Financial Group Limited would become the financial holding company of NCBJ and its subsidiaries. At the time, we also advised that we had engaged the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) in that regard. We are now pleased to advise that the BOJ has indicated that it has no objection to the proposal.

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NCB & Staff Extend Support to Haiti 10 October 2016

In response to the humanitarian call for assistance to the people of hurricane-ravaged Haiti, the over 2000 staff members at the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) has organised the collection of non-perishable food supplies and toiletries. The items will be collected at all of its 32 branch locations and subsidiaries and handed over to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM). Some staff members will also be making cash donations to the ODPEM/Haiti Hurricane Relief account 212387304 at NCB Oxford Place branch.

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Offices re-open today, October 4 04 October 2016

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) wishes to advise all its staff and customers that its branches, subsidiaries and offices will re-open for business, between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. today Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

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Water and Toiletries for ODPEM Shelters 04 October 2016

Displaced persons who are currently being housed in shelters island-wide due to the impending passage of Hurricane Matthew will benefit from water and toiletries valued at approximately $1 million from National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB).

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Office Hours Due to Hurricane Matthew 02 October 2016

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) wishes to advise its staff and customers that due to the impending passage of Hurricane Matthew all its branches, subsidiaries and offices in Jamaica will be closed tomorrow Monday, October 3rd until further advised.

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Banks unite to educate about cyber crime 01 October 2016

Key players in Jamaica’s financial sector are taking a firm stance against internet, ABM/Cards scams and have joined forces to launch an Online Security Campaign. This is aimed at building awareness about the importance of exercising vigilance in order to protect your privacy and finances when conducting transactions via electronic channels. 


Even as individual institutions continue to invest in their security and IT infrastructure, partners on this initiative, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, First Global Bank, Jamaica Money Market Brokers Merchant Bank (JMMB), National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB), Sagicor Bank Jamaica and Scotiabank Jamaica (BNS) understand that addressing the issue collectively will drive a heightened sense of alertness among its customers and the general public. This move is endorsed by the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology under its National Cyber Security plans.

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